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Case No. Category Case Title Presenter Country Likes
CASE20200804_001 Chronic Total Occlusion Antegrade Percutaneous Coronary Intervention to Left Anterior Descending and Left Circumflex Artery Using Controlled Dissection and Different Tools Kogulakrishnan Kaniappan Malaysia Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20200411_003 Complications The Houdini Case- Extirpation Of Stucked Ostial LCx Stent In The Struts Of Previous Implanted Ostial LAD Stent, Ending Up With Two Extirpated Stents [1] Oktaj Maksudov Bulgaria Click! if you like it. 2
CASE20200411_001 Complex and Higher Risk Procedures for Indicated Patients (CHIP) Complex PCI In An End-stage Renal Failure Patient Ka Chun Un Hong Kong, China Click! if you like it. 1
CASE20200410_004 Valvular Intervention: Aortic Transcatheter aortic valve implantation with a novel balloon expandable valve for rheumatic aortic stenosis in a patient with a prosthetic mitral valve John Jose Erungaren India Click! if you like it. 2
CASE20200410_001 Complications A Case of Large Hematoma Formation During OFDI Guided PCI Seiji Kano Japan Click! if you like it. 1
CASE20200409_001 Complications Difficult Catheter Engagement Due To Protruding Aorto-Ostial Stent: How Self-Shaping Catheter Overcame the Challenge Kuo Ting Lee Malaysia Click! if you like it. 1
CASE20200408_001 Acute Coronary Syndromes (STEMI, NSTE-ACS) Acute Myocardial Infarction In A Patient With Secondary Polycythemia Vicknesan Kulasingham Malaysia Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20200407_002 Peripheral Vascular Disease and Intervention PTA for the ostial lesion of the superficial femoral artery via an ipsilateral antegrade approach, Jino Park Korea (Republic of) Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20200404_001 Chronic Total Occlusion Successful Recanalization of Right Coronary Artery Chronic Total Occlusion by Antegrade Dissection and Re-entry Technique Using Stingray Balloon Kumutha Gobal Malaysia Click! if you like it. 1
CASE20200314_001 Chronic Total Occlusion Intravascular Ultrasound Guided Retrograde Direct Guide-wire Re-entry Of Left Anterior Descending Artery Chronic Total Occlusion Ivan Tsang Hong Kong, China Click! if you like it. 1