All selected abstracts and cases will be shared in an E-poster format at the E-Science Station of the website.
Spare your time to browse 120+ abstracts and 250+ cases and share your opinions with other virtual participants during the conference.

E-Science Station will be open on August 6, 2020!

E-Poster Guidelines

  • The content of E-poster is the same as that of submission, so please update it according to the guidelines in the table below by July 24 (Fri), 2020, if needed.
  • Presenters do not need to submit additional file for E-poster.
  • There will be no oral presentation, but presenters are expected to answer questions from virtual participants and to be interactive during the conference.
  • If you want to withdraw your submission, please delete it at the submission website.
Title Modify title if any typographical errors found or need to change.
Author Update accurate information, including spelling of the name, author list, and affiliations.
Select a single representing affiliation for each author and co-author. Reference/Credits/Grand Support should be excluded.
Content All of the content included should be modified not to go over 3700 characters (Case) and 2200 characters (Abstract).
Reference/Credits/Grand Support should be excluded.
Attached Files Abstract Maximum three including tables, charts, images and etc.
Case It is mandatory to attach three images (format: jpg, png, gif, bmp, etc.) for Procedural Step.
Video files, PPT, Word or any other formats are also acceptable.

All presenters will be able to get additionally points for the 9th Best Young Scientist Award.
If you are interested in the award, please note the application will be open from May 2021 and the winner will be nominated as the best young scientist of TCTAP 2022, as the ceremony of 8th Best Young Scientist Award has been postponed to next year's conference.