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Tutorial Arena

Thursday| April 29, 2010

Art Room, Level 4
8:30 AM-6:00 PM

Clinical Trials Update 2010 & Updated Guideline
"Comprehensive Review by Experts"
Co-Sponsored by Clinical Research Center for Ischemic Heart Disease, The Ministry for Health, Welfare & Family Affairs
I. Anti-Platelets and Anti-Coagulants in ACS
Moderators: David J. Cohen, Matthew Price
Panelists: Myeong-Ho Jeong, Jacques J. Koolen, Ian T. Meredith, Seong-Wook Park, Alan C. Yeung
8:30 AM Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Inhibitors at Primary PCI in STEMI (BRAVE-3, ON-TIME2, HORIZONS-AMI, MULTISTRATEGY, and FINESSE) Adnan Kastrati
8:42 AM Clopidogrel Use in ACS and PCI (CURRENT-OASIS 7, Genetic Resistance Studies, GRAVITAS, CLARITY-TIMI 28, and PPI & DAT for ACS; VA Registry, PRINCIPLE, TRITON-TIMI 38, COGENT, and FAMOUS) Matthew Price
8:54 AM Parenteral Anticoagulants Use in ACS (HORIZONS-AMI, and SEPIA-ACS Trial) Roxana Mehran
9:06 AM New Thienopyridine Use in ACS and PCI (TRITON-TIMI 38 and Several Subgroup Analyses, PLATO and Several Subgroup Analyses, and CHAMPION Trials) David J. Cohen
9:18 AM Panel Discussion  
II. ACS Treatment
Moderators: Mitchell W. Krucoff, Christian M. Spaulding
Panelists: Charles Chan, Bernard Chevalier, Anthony H. Gershlick, Mun Kyung Hong, Yangsoo Jang, Marco Valgimigli
9:28 AM Timing of Angiography (Early Invasive vs. Conservative) for High-Risk ACS; (TIMACS, ISAR-COOL, and ABOARD) Christian M. Spaulding
9:40 AM Timing of Antiplatelet Therapy for ACS (EARLY-ACS, and ACUITY) Mitchell W. Krucoff
9:52 AM Risk-Reduction Drugs: Statin or Others (NAPLES II Trial, ARMYDA-RECAPTURE, and Other Drug-Trial Beyond Antiplatelets or Anticoagulants in ACS) Anthony H. Gershlick
10:04 AM Panel Discussion  
III. STEMI Management
Moderators: Donald E. Cutlip, Stephan G. Ellis
Panelists: Anthony H. Gershlick, Juan Granada, Hyo-Soo Kim, Shun Kohsaka, Marco Valgimigli, Ron Waksman
10:14 AM Triage and Transfer for PCI in STEMI (ASSENT-4, FINESSE, CARESS-in-AMI, TRANSFER-AMI, and Several Regional Systems of STEMI Care Stephan G. Ellis
10:26 AM Thrombectomy in STEMI (TAPAS, EXPIRA, and Meta-Analysis) Marco Valgimigli
10:38 AM Stents Use in STEMI (Massachusetts Registry, NewYork Registry, Small Registries, HORIZONS-AMI, DEBATER, and GENIUS-STEMI) Donal E. Cutlip
10:50 AM Panel Discussion  
IV. Revascularization Strategy for CAD
Moderators: Maurice Buchbinder, Antonio Colombo
Panelists: Keith D. Dawkins, William F. Fearon, David E. Kanzari, Akiko Maehara, Roxana Mehran, Marie-Claude Morice
11:12 AM Revascularization Strategies (SYNTAX, BARI-2D, and STICH) David R. Holmes
11:24 AM PCI in Chronic Kidney Disease (RECOVER, CARE, LOCM-Related Studies, and Meta-Analysis) Roxana Mehran
11:36 AM Practice Guideline for FFR Use (FAME Study) William F. Fearon
11:46 AM Expert Opinion for IVUS Use in Practice (Several IVUS Registry and PROSPECT Trial) Akiko Maehara
12:08 PM Major Trials for Catheter-Based Coronary Interventions (SPIRIT IV, COMPARE, ZEST, ISAR-TEST4, ISAR-DESIRE 2, NORDIC-BALTIC BIFURCATION STUDY III, and PEPCAD III) David E. Kandzari
12:08 PM PCI in Unprotected Left Main Disease (MAIN-COMPARE, SYNTAX, and Several Registries) Seung-Jung Park
12:20 PM Panel Discussion  
12:30 PM Lunchtime Activities  
Imaging Workshop
Moderators: Myeong-Ki Hong, Gary S. Mintz
Panelists: Jang Ho Bae, So-Yeon Choi, Juan Granada, Junko Honye, Seung-Ho Hur, Sang Wook Kim, Alexandra J. Lansky, Sung Yun Lee, Akiko Maehara, Masamichi Takano
  I-1. IVUS  
  Introductory Lecture
2:00 PM IVUS Insights for the Treatment of Bifurcation and Left Main Lesions Gary S. Mintz
  Case Presentations  
2:10 PM Is IVUS-Guidance Necessary for The Optimal Treatment? Junko Honye
2:20 PM IVUS-Guidance for CTO Intervention Seung-Ho Hur
2:30 PM Attenuated Plaque; IVUS and VH-IVUS Findings and Implication Sung Yun Lee
  I-2. VH-IVUS  
  Introductory Lecture
2:40 PM Tissue Characterization Using VH-IVUS; Pitfalls and Artifacts Akiko Maehara
  Case Presentations  
2:50 PM Assessment of Bifurcation Lesions by VH-IVUS Eun-Seok Shin
3:00 PM PROSPECT III: Image Review and Instructive Cases Alexandra J. Lansky
3:10 PM VH-IVUS Characteristics of Intimal Tissue in Restenotic Lesions Soo-Jin Kang
3:20 PM [Featured Lecture] Experience of VH Evaluation in Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy  Jang Ho Bae
3:30 PM Panel Discussion  
Moderators: Takashi Akasaka, Ik-Kyung Jang
Panelists: Rahim Bin Tahir, Woo Young Chung, Soon Jun Hong, Taizo Kondo, Bong-Ki Lee, Yean-Teng Lim, Bernhard Meier, Seung-Woon Rha, Nobuhiro Tanaka
  Introductory Lecture
3:40 PM OCT; Comparative Imaging Results with IVUS, VH and Angioscopy Takashi Akasaka
3:50 PM OCT Findings; Lesson from Stable Plaque vs. Unstable Plaque Giulio Gualiumi
4:00 PM OCT Findings in Bioabsorbabale Stents Eveline Regar
4:10 PM The Next Generation Plaque Images: C7 FD-OCT / Infrared Spectroscopy Ik-Kyung Jang
  Case Presentations  
4:20 PM Pitfall and Artifacts in OCT Images Marco A. Costa
4:30 PM OCT Assessment of DES Healing; Insights from Histology Yun-Dai Chen
4:40 PM Panel Discussion  
Moderators: William F. Fearon, Bon-kwon Koo
Panelists: Rahim Bin Tahir, Woo Young Chung, Soon Jun Hong, Taizo Kondo, Bong-Ki Lee, Yean-Teng Lim, Bernhard Meier, Seung-Woon Rha, Nobuhiro Tanaka
  Introductory Lectures  
5:00 PM Practical Aspects in FFR; When, Why and How to Use? William F. Fearon
5:10 PM FFR Evalution of Bifurcating Lesion Bon-kwon Koo
  Case Presentations  
5:20 PM Controversy Against FFR -Pitfalls vs. Benefit Bernhard Meier
5:30 PM FFR-Guided PCI in Real Practice; When Would FFR Be a Better Choice? Bong-Ki Lee
5:40 PM Panel Discussion  
6:00 PM Adjourn  

Friday| April 30, 2010

Art Room, Level 4
8:30 AM~3:00 PM

Global Medical Device Evaluation: Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities
Moderators: Mitchell W. Krucoff, Gary S. Mintz
8:30 AM The Platinum DES Study: A Manufacturer’s View of Global Device Study Keith D. Dawkins
8:45 AM Global Evaluation of Left Main PCI: The Time Has Come Chuck Simonton
9:00 AM Experience and Opportunities for Asia-PAC in Global Device Studies Takaaki Isshiki
9:15 AM From DES to Percutaneous Valves: What Interventional Doctors Need to Know about Regulatory Barriers and Solutions to Global Device Evaluation Mitchell W. Krucoff
9:30 AM Panel Discussion  
Basics of Clinical Research: What You Need to Know
Moderators: Young Hak Kim, Roxana Mehran
9:45 AM Types of Clinical Trials in Cardiology: The Rationale for Trial Design Roxana Mehran
10:00 AM Nuances of Clinical Trials: Trial Size, Power Analysis, Sub Groups David J. Cohen
10:15 AM Importance of Endpoint Adjudication (Clinical Events Committees) and Core Laboratories Donald Cutlip
10:30 AM Behind Closed Doors: Functions of a Data Safety Monitoring Board Roxana Mehran
10:45 AM Adjourn  

Special Seminar

The Latest Trends and Regulations of Medical Device Clinical Trials
10:45 AM Introduction  
11:00 AM Clinical Trials (Medical Device / Pharmaceutical) Commentary on the Revised Regulations Hea-Young Cho
12:00 PM Lunchtime  
12:30 PM The Design and Statistical Analysis for Medical Device Clinical Trial - Learn from Case Related to Cardiovascular Device Clinical Trial Hyonggin Ahn
2:00 PM Current Status of Domestic and International Medical Device Clinical Trials Tae Geon Kang
3:00 PM Adjourn