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April 26, 3:00 pm ~ April 27

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New For 2010
1. Conference Eve Symposium
April 27(Tue.), 2010
All that Antiplatelet Therapy
: Antiplatelet Options: The Changing Landscape
Current OASIS7
Alternative & Next Antiplatelet Therapy Beyond ADP Blocker
2. Left Main & Bifurcation Summit
April 29(Thu.), 2010
2-Year SYNTAX LM, European LM Studies, Main-COMPARE, Pre-COMBAT, Pre-COMBAT 2, Excel
Nordic Bifurcation I, II, and III Trials, CROSS and PERFECT Trial, Single- or Two-Stent Bifurcation Treatment
Changing Guideline for Left Main Therapy
Debate: "PCI vs. Surgery" in Left Main
3. Transcatheter Valve Therapy
April 28(Wed.), 2010
"Case-Based Learning by Real Case Presentation & Focus Review"
Practical Workshop via Taped Case Presentation
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: Edwards Valve, Core Valve
QuantumCor for MR
Predicting the Future for Transcatheter Valve Therapies
4. Round Table Discussion in the Morning
April 29(Thu.) ~ April 30(Fri.), 2010
"Small Group Intensive Clinical Trial Review and Related Case Presentations"
Left Main & Bifurcation Intervention
Aortic Valve Disease
CTO: New Techniques and New Devices
Imaging- IVUS, OCT, MR & CT, FFR
Carotid / AAA
DES Complications and Challenges
Adjunctive Pharmacology (Antiplatelet Therapy)
Pleiotrophic Effect of Statin
Revascularization Strategies in Diabetic Patients
5. All Day Long Clinical Trials Review
April 29(Thu.), 2010
"New ACS and PCI Guideline and Clinical Trials Update 2010: Incredible Lectures from the Top Clinicians"
Just Drop By and Pick Up New Knowledge :
Comprehensive Review of Clinical Registry and Trials in the Field of Interventional Cardiology 2009~2010
6. Expert Round Table Imaging Practical Workshop
April 29(Thu.), 2010
Core Message from the 3rd IMAGING & PHYSIOLOGY Summit in November, 2009
Case Based Practical Workshop Regarding Invasive Imaging (IVUS, VH-IVUS, OCT, and FFR) and Non-Invasive Imaging (MDCT and MR)
Sharing the Experience in Daily Practice with Experts' Comments
7. Futuristic Technology: New DES
April 29(Thu.), 2010
Bioabsorble or Free-Polymer DES
Bioabsorble DES
Cell-or-Gene Capture or Delivery DES
Nanoparticle or Nanomatrix Technologies for DES
8. Atherosclerosis: From Basic To Translational Research
April 29(Thu.), 2010
To provide a comprehensive and up-to-date review of recent advances in the field of atherosclerosis research, focusing on basic and translational science to develop new strategies for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of atherosclerosis
9. Global Medical Device Evaluation
April 30(Fri.), 2010
Presentations on Key Stakeholders' Opinion
Perspectives of Current Global Devices & Technologies
10. Comprehensive Training for Clinical Research
April 30(Fri), 2010
"The Extended Course for Physicians, Research Coordinators, Industry-Related People, and Regulators"
Protocol Development
Trial Monitoring
Independent Regulation
Core Lab Analysis
Outcome Reporting
Interpretation and Clinical Implication
Scientific Program
1. Technical Forum for Endovascular Disease
April 28(Wed.) ~ 29(Thu.), 2010
: Peripheral Vascular Disease-Related Issues, Advanced Treatment Strategies, and Tips & Tricks to Optimize Stenting
Carotid Artery Stenting, BTK, SFA, Renal, and AAA
2. Structural Heart Disease Symposium
April 29(Thu.), 2010
Hybrid Procedures in CHD
Current Aortic Valve / Mitral Valve Treatment
Transcatheter Closure of ASD, PFO, and Transcatheter Repair of Aortic Coarctation
3. Highlights of International Meetings and Societies
April 28(Wed.) ~ 29(Thu.), 2010
TCT Asia Pacific
Co-organized by TCT, CRF
: Clinical Standards, Controversies, and Future Directions The "Structural" Corner - Valves and Beyond
Left Main & Bifurcation Summit
Co-organized by APSIC and CIT
Recent Innovation in CTO-PCI
Co-organized by CCT
Session Co-sponsored by ACC i2 Summit
Session Co-organized by EuroPCR
4. Best Abstracts and Cases Presentation
April 28(Wed.) ~ 30(Fri.), 2010
: These Interactive scientific sessions are one of the interesting parts of this event that physicians can actively participate in. For This year, about 280 abstracts were accepted from 20 countries and about 150 cases from 18 countries were submitted for the complex case presentations at this event.
Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
Oral Abstract Presentation: Best Abstracts
Moderated Abstract and Case Presentation with Experts
Challenging Case Competition with Experts' Review
Accepted abstracts will be published in a supplement issue of “The American Journal of Cardiology(AJC)”.
The presenters of accepted cases will be invited as “Faculty of the year 2010”.
Satellite Symposia
: Sponsored by Commercial Supporters
1. Lunchtime Activities
April 28(Wed.) ~ 29(Thu.), 2010
Current OASIS & Active A / PtCr ELEMENT, Next Generation Beyond Cobalt Cromium/ Triple Antiplatelet Therapy in ACS / Unmet Need in the Management of ACS / Nobori, Clinical Data Up-Date
2. Evening Symposia
April 27(Tue.) ~ 29(Thu.), 2010
Antiplatelet / Xience V / Structural Heart Disease / Atheroscierosis
Didactic Programs
1. 4th Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Workshop
April 30(Fri.), 2010
: Affiliated with American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) & co-organized by Korean Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (KACPR)
How the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Act Became Law: Background, Benefits, and Regulations
Issues in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Policy
Special Populations in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
2. 13th Annual Conference for Cardiovascular Nurse & Technologist
April 30(Fri.), 2010
: Co-organized by Cardiovascular Technology Association (CTA)
Current Practice at the Catheterization Laboratory
Featured Lectures by Invited International Guests from China and Japan
Interesting Case Review
3. Alumni Night for ACT Attendees
April 27(Tue.), 2010
: Since 2009, the CVRF has launched education training program under the title of “ACT Program (Asan Medical Center Interventional Cardiology Training Program)” and over 120 young doctors participated in this program. So this time, we're planning Alumni Night to provide them the newest knowledge and to share our opinions on hot issues as well as practical cases.