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Exhibition: Installation
April 26, 3:00 pm ~ April 27

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Who We Are
CardioVascular Research Foundation(CVRF) is a non-profit clinical research foundation to contribute in improving healthy lives of patients with cardiovascular disease by promoting preclinical and clinical researches, educating physicians and teaching patients.
What We do and Have Done
Since established in 2002 and affiliated with Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea, CVRF has been conducting and supporting a large number of outstanding clinical researches to help conquest cardiovascular disease through data coordinating center and QCA and IVUS core laboratories based on internationally standardized clinical research centers. This foundation has been also sharing cutting wedge knowledge and educating physicians and other professionals in holding international conferences, running educative websites and committing to various physician training programs.
What We Will Do
CVRF will do its best to develop innovative technologies and educate professionals and publics related to cardiovascular field via its vast experiences and knowledge obtained by on-going research activities, scientific conferences, educative websites and various training program. By achieving these goals, it will keep dedicating to increase survival rate and quality of lives of patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease and its preventive medicine. You can find more information about CVRF by clicking this logo to visit the official website.