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All selected cases will be presented at the competition sessions: "Challenging Case Competition with Experts' Review" & "Moderated Complex Case Competition" and the presenters are invited as 'Faculty of the Year 2010'.

The competition winners will be chosen and get an award at the venue.

Submission No. Case Title Presenter Country
CASE200911120001 Unprotected Left Main Stenting Following Cardiac Arrest of a Renal Patient on Haemodialysis AHM Waliul Islam Bangladesh
CASE200911260002 Delayed Edge Dissection of Proximal RCA After Cypher Stent Implantation Shams Munwar Bangladesh
CASE201001040001 Complex Left main Angioplasty with Highly Calcific Lesion N A M Momenuz Zaman Bangladesh
CASE201001110002 Transesophageal Echo Guides Definitive Interatrial Defect Closure and Helps Avoid Complications Hasan Jilaihawi Canada
CASE201001070006 Where is the Entry Point? - LAD CTO Lesion Recanalization with Retrograde Approach Guowei Zhou China
CASE201001090010 LM Case Dong Huang China
CASE201001060003 Latrogenic Aortocoronary Dissection During CTO PCI weimin Li China
CASE201001100010 The Interventional Therapy and Strategy of Severe Left Main Stenosis and Occlusion of Left Anterior Descending Artery Anlin Lv China
CASE200912090002 Coronary Rupture Due to High Pressure Dilation Ze-Sheng Xu China
CASE200912210005 Right Coronary Artery Originates from the Mid Left Anterior Descending (LAD) Artery Qin Xuguang China
CASE200912270001 One Case with The Movement of The Dissection of Stent Implantation Ming Yuan China
CASE201001080002 Combined Carotid Artery Stenting, Renal Artery Stenting and Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in a Patient with Generalized Atherosclerosis Pavol Tomasov Czech Republic
CASE201001080003 Occlusion of a Coronary Fistula Using Amplatzer Vaslucar Plug II Pavol Tomasov Czech Republic
CASE200912240001 Aneurysmal Dilatation and Stent Thrombosis Abdelaziz Abdelaziz Egypt
CASE200912210007 Rca Intervention Simple Lesion-> Yes Easy Job ???!!!!!!!!!! Basem Said Enany Egypt
CASE201001060001 CTO LCx moustafa mokarrab Egypt
ASE200912050001 Thrombus Aspiration in STEMI and Impending Acute LV Failure After 14 Hours Ahmad Salama Egypt
CASE201001030001 PTA to Rt SFA & Superior Mesenteric Artery Ehab Cherif Sedky Egypt
CASE200912220001 Shall We "Crush"? Gary, Shing-him Cheung Hong Kong, China
CASE201001080022 Rotablation, the Last Remaining Option for CAD Patients with Heavily Calcified LM Bifurcation Lesion Gyorgy Szabo Hungary
CASE201001050006 Extended Stenting of the Distal Left Main for the Treatment of Branch Ostial Disease: Belling the Cat or Bearding the Lion! Shiv Bagga India
CASE200912200001 Refractory Hypertension in a Pregnant Patient Narender Omprakash Bansal India
CASE201001080020 Transvenous Ductal Stenting in Pulmonary Atresia with VSD Raghu C India
CASE201001130003 Coronary Artery Stenting Raman Chawla India
CASE201001130004 Coronary Angioplasty of LCx Raman Chawla India
CASE201001060005 Multi-Vascular Intervention in Patient with Aortoarteritis Sameer Dani India
CASE201001060006 RCA CTO Using Subintimal Tracking Technique Sameer Dani India
CASE200912210008 Meeting the Challenge of Severe Pulmonary Hypertension in 2 Cases Bhanu Duggal India
CASE201001010002 Trifurcation Left Main… Try Harder… Yet Keep Simple: Drug Eluting Stent Plus Drug Eluting Balloon for Left Main Trifurcation Louie Fischer India
CASE200912210004 Coil Embolisation of Left Lower Renal Artery Pseudoanuerysm (Post PCNL) Prabhu C Halakati India
CASE201001030004 Rescue Angioplasty with Stenting to Left Main & RCA in a Patient with Cardiogenic Shock prashant jagtap India
CASE201001060008 Broken Tip of Angio Catheter Retrived Hasit Joshi India
CASE201001070012 Transradial Coronary Bifurcation Lesion Angioplasty Maddury Jyotsna India
CASE200912220002 Fontan Fenestration Closure: Not Straightforward in Everyone R. Krishna Kumar India
CASE200912260002 CTO Left CX and Anomalous RCA Intervention Prathapkumar Natarajapillai India
CASE200912210001 PTCA in Long Segment Diffuse Disease Suresh V Patted India
CASE200912210002 Emergency Thrombus Extraction in Left Main by Guiding Catheter as Life Saving Step Suresh V Patted India
CASE201001130006 BMV Thrombus Shifted to RCA Jayesh S Prajapati India
CASE201001070009 Left Main Bifurcation - An Indian Perspective Sreenivas Reddy.S. India
CASE201001070015 Takayasus Arteritis Stenting- Is It in Oblivion? Sreenivas Reddy.S. India
CASE201001080015 Emergency PCI of Distal Left Main – LAD - LCX Amit Bhushan Shrama India
CASE201001080017 Transradial Recanalisation of a Difficult CTO Amit Bhushan Shrama India
CASE201001090005 PTCA for True Bifurcation Lesions Dhiman Kahali India
CASE201001090002 PCI for a Young Man with Triple Vessel Disease, CTO Osteal LAD and Poor LV Systolic Function Yudi Her Oktaviono Indonesia
CASE200912160002 Left Main Subocclusion from Aoric Root Hyperplasia After Stentless Valve Implantation: Correction by Stenting Roberto Baglini Italy
CASE200912160001 A Case of Repeated Balloon Rupture Due to Calcified Lesion Yuzo Akita Japan
CASE201001070002 Mitral Stenosis After Bioprosthetic Valve Replacement in Patient with Infective Endocarditis Successfully Treated with Percutaneous Transvenous Commissurotomy Hitoshi Anzai Japan
CASE201001080001 A Case of Left Main Perforation When Implanting Cypher After Rotational Atherectomy Yoshihide Fujimoto Japan
CASE201001050003 A New Technique of CTO Ryo Gotoh Japan
CASE200912020001 Two Wire Crossing for Pass the Tornus Micro-Catheter in the LCX CTO Lesion with Sever Calcification Maoto Habara Japan
CASE201001260001 A Case of One Sequela Rescued the Other Hidehiko Hara Japan
CASE201001100011 A Case of PCI for LMT True Bifurcation with Severe Calcification Makoto Kadotani Japan
CASE201001100007 A Case with Successful PCI for LAD CTO Lesion Complicated with Coronary Perforation by Reverse-CART Technique Shigeo Kawano Japan
CASE201001040002 Two Cases with Huge Visceral Artery Aneurysms Treated by Coronary Stent Grafts (GraftMaster) Nobuyuki Komiyama Japan
CASE201001070014 A Case Evaluated with Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT) After Rotational Atherectomy Setsuo Kumazki Japan
CASE201001060004 A Case with Complex Left Main and 3-Vessel Disease That Required Complex Preparation to Keep Simple Bifurcation Stenting Strategy Yoshinobu Murasato Japan
CASE201001070011 Successful Stenting for Composite Graft-LMCA Anastomotic Lesion in a Patient with a Prior Bentall Procedure Masato Nagashima Japan
CASE200912170001 A Case of Discontinuation Antiplatelet Therapy during 3 Years 6 Months After Sirolimus-Eluting Stent Implantation Using Crush Technique at the Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery Yoshiki Nagata Japan
CASE201001110001 A Case of Left Ventricular Free Wall Rupture due to Obstruction of Diagonal Branch Complicated with Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Left Anterior Decending Tetsushi Nakao Japan
CASE201001050004 Usefulness of Corsair for Long Tortuous CTO Lesion in Right Coronary Artery Kenya Nasu Japan
CASE201001100013 Fusion VR Image Gives Me a Hint of Wiring Course in RCA CTO Yoichi Nozaki Japan
CASE201001100004 Retrieving Broken Guide Wire During Reverse Wire Tichnique for CTO of RCA Masaaki Okutsu Japan
CASE201001060002 Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Ostial Stenosis in Patient with Takayasu's Arteritis Haengnam Park Japan
CASE201001080004 Ipsilateral Retrograde Approach Using an Intraseptal Channel Hidetsugu Sakai Japan
CASE200912260001 OCT Guided PCI: A Case of ACS Diagnosis and Device Evaluation with OCT Takuma Sato Japan
CASE201001060009 Transradial Renal Angioplasty for Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD) of Young Female Takaaki Shhiono Japan
CASE200911020001 Flare Stent Technique for the Treatment of Distal Left Main Coronary Artery Bifurcation Lesions Masahiko Shibuya Japan
CASE201001070001 Usefulness of Trans-Radial Slender PTRA Takahide Suzuki Japan
CASE201001060007 Bifurcation Lesion wih Two of Near Located Large Diagonal Branch Yutaka Tadano Japan
CASE201001080010 Successful Fenestration to True Lumen with the CTO Dedicated Wire for the Coronary Artery Dissection Nduced by Guiding Catheter During Primary PCI Akihiko Takahashi Japan
CASE201001090003 A Case of Slender Transradial Intervention for a Giant Coronary Aneurysm Yaushiro Tanabe Japan
CASE201001080005 Transcatheter Closure of ASD in 79 Year-Old Female Diagnosed Platypnea-Orthodeoxia Syndrome with Elongated Ascending Aorta Manabu Taniguchi Japan
CASE201001060013 The Tough Management of Bifurcated and Severe Calcified Lesion Junichi Tazaki Japan
CASE201001020001 Peroneal Puncture in EVT for Popliteal CTO Taketsugu Tsuchiya Japan
CASE201001050001 Calcified CTO Recanalized with Tapered Hydrophilic Guidewire Yoshiki Uehara Japan
CASE201001070013 PCI for LITA Graft Using Slender System Through the 5 French Diagnostic Catheter via Contra-Lateral Brachial Artery Yoshiyuki Yazaki Japan
CASE201001080011 A Newly Developed Severely Calcified Lesion Occurred Inside The Implanted Stent Keiki Yoshida Japan
CASE201001080008 Successful Repeat Intervention by Microcatheter Supported Wiring, into an Angulated Previously Crushed Stent, at Diagonal Ostium Occluded by Subacute Stent Thrombosis Kanhaiya Lal Poddar Korea
CASE201001080007 A Case of Successful Thrombus Aspiration Using 5F Heartrail Catheter in an Acute Myocardial Infarction Patient with Heavy Thrombus Burden Complicated with Cardiogenic Shock Sureshkumar Ramasamy Korea
CASE200912140001 Hybrid Approach to Dissecting Aneurysm from Intramural Hematoma Chul-Min Ahn Korea
CASE201001080021 Successful Withdrawal of Entrapped IVUS Catheter During PCI Yun-Kyeong Cho Korea
CASE200912030001 Stent Entrapment and Balloon Catheter Elongation at Left Main to Left Circumflex Arteries Managed by Use of Culotte Stenting Hyunmin Choe Korea
CASE201001090009 Left Middle Cerebral Artery Dissection After Angioplsty Heesun Go Korea
CASE200912100002 Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty and Stent Implantation for Coronary Subclavian Steal Syndrome: Unusual Approach Woong Chol Kang Korea
CASE201001040003 Occlusion of Coronary Arteriovenous Fistula with Acute Angle by Vascular Plug Gi-Beom Kim Korea
CASE201001100009 Very Late Stent Thrombosis on Insignificant Stenosis Above the Previously Untreated Stent Fracture Tae-Hoon Kim Korea
CASE201001090007 Post traumatic Descending Aorta Dissection, Graft Stent Younghwan Ko Korea
CASE201001100005 Successful CTO Intervention, However...... Changkun Lee Korea
CASE201001050005 Percutaneous Treatment of Injured Stent Using Hairpin Wire Technique Sang-Rok Lee Korea
CASE201001100006 A case Of Very Late Stent Thrombosis After BMS Implantation Young Jin Youn Korea
CASE201001060010 Sudden Cardiac Death Due to Vasospasm in a Patient with Graves’ Disease Doo Sun Sim Korea
CASE201001060012 Acute Myocardial Infarction Secondary to Coronary Artery Dissection After Blunt Chest Trauma in a Young Man Doo Sun Sim Korea
CASE201001080009 Successful Management of Spontaneous Reperfusion Intraabdominal Hemorrhage Following Superior Mesenteric Artery Stenting Ji Young Park Korea
CASE201001090006 Intracranial Stent Capture by Snare Dae Hyun Hwang Korea
CASE201001070003 Interventional Tthrombectomy of Large Thrombus in IVC Gi Young Jang Korea
CASE201001070005 Optical Coherence Findings of In-Stent Restenosis: Case with ISR in Both Bare Metal Stent and Drug Eluting Stent Jung-Sun Kim Korea
CASE201001080006 Subacute Stent Thrombosis Associated with Lupus Anticoagulant Sung Uk Kwon Korea
CASE201001080018 Left Main Disease Too Tight to be Engaed with Guiding Catheter and to be Assessed Jang-Ho Bae Korea
CASE201001090001 A Case of Enoxaparin Induced Thrombocytopenia During Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction in a Patient with a Large Right Coronary Artery Sang Yup Lim Korea
CASE201001030006 5 Years Follow-Up After Spiral Dissection in LM-LAD-LCX Indulis Kumsars Latvia
CASE200912240002 Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Complicated by Acute Structural Valve Failure Requiring Immediate Valve in Valve Implantation Sanjeevan Pasupati New Zealand
CASE200911250001 CTO, Anchor Balloon, Spiral Dissection, Ostial Dissection Aniket Puri New Zealand
CASE201001060011 "From Bypass to Balloon Angioplasty". A Complex Case of CTO, Perforation and Recurrent In-Stent Re-Stenosis Muhammad Nasir Rahman Pakistan
CASE200911240001 Troubleshooting Mal-Deployed Iliac Stents – When 2 Stents Overlapping Side-By-Side Hwa Wooi Gan Singapore
CASE200912150001 CTO Complication: Aorto-Coronary Dissection and Management Jack Tan Singapore
CASE200912150002 Ectatic RCA with Large Thrombus Load during Acute PCI Jack Tan Singapore
CASE200912290001 Multiple Steps Revascularization with Twice Perforation and LM Dissection Hsiu-Yu Fang Taiwan
CASE200912290003 Critical LM and Triple vessel disease with LAD CTO Complicated with Coronary Perforation Hsiu-Yu Fang Taiwan
CASE201001070004 Retrieval of Dislodged and Deformed Transradially Delivered Coronary Stent Shao-Sung Huang Taiwan
CASE200912290006 IVUS Guided Retrograde LM Stenting via Diseased SVG Hisham Hussein Khalil Taiwan
CASE200912290009 Multivessel CTO Intervention Hisham Hussein Khalil Taiwan
CASE200912300001 Level 4 Retrograde Approach for Left Main Chronic Total Occlusion Recanalization Mao-Shin Lin Taiwan
CASE201001100002 Intravascular Ultrasound Helps Differentiate Coronary Mural Hematoma from Dissection Wen-Hsiung Lin Taiwan
CASE201001100001 Left Main Coronary Dissection During Intervention I-Fan Liu Taiwan
CASE200912250001 A Life - Threatening ACS, Which Shows Complex and Undertermined Culprit Lesions Treated by PCI Kuangte Wang Taiwan
CASE200912240004 Unexpected LM Thrombosis Teeranan Angkananard Thailand