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Exhibition: Installation
April 26, 3:00 pm ~ April 27

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The 15th ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT-TCTAP 2010 Exhibitors

In 2010, we have total 85 exhibit booths from 42 companies, 3 affiliations, 2 publications, and 1 tour.

  Company   Company
1 Abbott Vascular 23 ISU ABXIS CO., LTD.
2 AMG KOREA CO.,LTD. 24 Johnson & Johnson Medical Korea Ltd.
3 AstraZeneca Korea 25 Korea Medical Technology

Bayer Schering Pharma

26 Korea Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
5 Boryung Pharm.Co., LTD. 27 KorMedics Life System Co., Ltd.
6 Boston Scientific 28 Kyung Poong Pharma
7 Bristol-Myers Squibb Korea 29 Medtronic Korea Co., Ltd.
9 Chong Kun Dang Pharm. 31 NOVARTIS Korea
10 ChoongWae Pharma. Coporate. 32 OrbusNeich Medical Korea
11 Covidien 33 PAVMED
12 DIO Corp. 34 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Korea Ltd.
14 Dongkook Pharmaceutical 36 Seolin System
15 FOCUSMEDICAL CO.,LTD , GOODMAN CO.,LTD , LightLab Imaging In 37 Siemens Healthcare
16 GE Healthcare 38 St. Jude Medical Korea YH
17 GlaxoSmtithKline 39 Terumo Korea Corporation
18 Guerbet Korea 40 TI Medical Systems
19 Handok Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd 41 TONGIN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD
20 Handy Hygiene 42 Unipharm Korea
21 Hanmi Pharmaceutical 43 VOLCANO
22 Hyundai Pharm    
• APSIC (Asian Pacific society of International Cardiology)
• CCT (Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics)
• SCAI (Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Intervention)
• WCC (World Congress of Cardiology)
• Koonja Publication
Floor Plan

(1) Exhibit Hall 1- Main Arena Lobby(W-Seoul Walkerhill B2)

Booth No. Company Name
A01 Boston Scientific
A02 Abbott Vascular
A03 Johnson&Johnson
A04 Medtronic Korea Co., Ltd
A05 OrbusNeich Medical Korea
Seolin System
B01 Society for Cardiovascular Angioplasty and Intervention(SCAI)
B02 Asian Pacific Society of International Cardiology(APSIC)
B03 Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics(CCT)
B04 World Congress of Cardiology (WCC)

(2) Exhibit Hall 2- Grand Hall (W-Seoul Walkerhill B1)

Booth No. Company Name Booth No. Company Name
C01 AstraZeneca Korea C20 Bayer Schering Pharma
C02 Dong-A Pharm C21 ISU ABXIS Co.,Ltd
C03 Korea Otsuka Pharmaceutical co.,Ltd C22 DIO Corp.
C04 Chong Kun Dang Pharm. C23 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Korea Ltd.
C05 Kyung Poong Pharma C24 NOVARTIS Korea
C06 Covidien C25 GE Healthcare
C07 Tongin International Co., Ltd C26 Handok Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd
C08 Hyundai Pharm C27 Dongkook Pharmaceutical
C09 Terumo Korea Coporation C28 Handy Hygiene
C10 Bristol-Myers Squibb Korea C29 Korea Medical Technology
C11 AMG Korea Co., Ltd C30 PAVMED
C12 Unipharm Korea C31 VOLCANO
C13 FOCUSMEDICAL CO.,LTD , GOODMAN CO.,LTD , LightLab Imaging In C32 korMedics Life System Co., Ltd
C14 St. Jude Medical Korea YH C33 Hanmi Pharmaceuticals
C15 MSD Korea C34 Cardiotec Co.,LTD
C16 ChoongWae Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd C35 Siemens Healthcare
C17 Ti Medical Systems C36 Guerbet Korea
C18 Se Myeong MD Corp. C37 GlaxoSmitithKline
C19 Boryung Pharm.Co., LTD D01 CVRF(Secretariat)

(3)Convention Center 1F(Sheraton Grande Walkerhill)

Booth No. Company Name
E01 Koonja Publication