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April 26, 3:00 pm ~ April 27

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Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Workshop

Friday| April 30, 2010

Main Arena, W-Hotel
8:30 AM-12:30 PM
Co-Organized by Korean Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation(KACPR)

8:30 AM Opening Remark Jae-Joong Kim
Keynote Speech
Moderator: Jae-Joong Kim
8:35 AM How the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Act Became Law: Background, Benefits, and Regulations Larry F. Hamm
9:00 AM Questions & Answers  
Part I: Issues in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Policy in Korea
Moderators: Dong-Ju Choi, Suk-Min Kang
9:10 AM Current Policy for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation in Korea Il Suh
9:30 AM Development of Insurance Coverage for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation in Korea Young Ko
9:50 AM Perspective of Clinician about Cardiac Rehabilitation: Rationale and Insurance Coverage Kee-Sik Kim
10:10 AM Perspective of Clinician about Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Rationale and Insurance Coverage Sung-Soon Lee
10:30 AM Questions & Answers  
10:50 AM Coffee Break  
Part II: Special Populations in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Moderator: Sang-do Lee
11:10 AM Overview of Pulmonary Disease & Rehabilitation Chris Garvey
11:30 AM Peripheral Artery Disease and Rehabilitation Larry F. Hamm
11:50 AM Exercise Training, Rehabilitation & Other Chronic Diseases Leonard Kaminsky
12:10 PM Questions & Answers  
12:30 PM Adjourn