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‘Maximize OMT to reduce mortality for SIHD patients’

Sripal Bangalore, MD stresses guideline-directed medical therapy as ‘backbone’ of treatment, even with PCI or CABG

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Post-PCI FFR, pressure pullback gradient to predict prognosis after revascularization

Carlos Collet, MD shares insights pulled from compiled data on post-PCI FFR at TCTAP 2022

Moving from ‘broad guidelines’ to patient-specific care: 1st line CCTA for stable CAD

Manesh R. Patel, MD examines 2021 AHA/ACC guidelines for testing chest pain, diagnosing CAD in real-world patients at intermediate-risk

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Similarities, differences between EBC MAIN and DKCRUSH-V

Shaoliang Chen, MD compares two major PCI trials on provisional stenting and DK Crush to treat LM bifurcations at TCTAP 2022

No ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to treat CAD with PCI before or after TAVR, heart expert says

Nicolas M. Van Mieghem, MD says more data on impact, timing of coronary intervention on TAVR candidates needed for optimal CAD management

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Was 2021 a bad year for FFR-guided PCI?

William F. Fearon, MD says analysis of FUTURE, FLOWER-MI and FAME 3 trials show FFR-guided PCI still beneficial for select patients with multivessel CAD

‘CABG helps people live longer’

Cardiac surgeon S. Christopher Malaisrie, MD says CABG improves survival for MVD and LMCAD, despite recent guideline downgrades

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Is CABG the best approach for multivessel, left main CAD?

Mario F.L. Gaudino, MD says PCI and CABG are complementary - not antagonistic – strategies for patients with MVD, LMCAD

‘Modern trials on SIHD revascularization show no mortality benefit with CABG over medical therapy’

Sripal Bangalore, MD explains 2021 American revasc guidelines sift out old mortality data, throw weight behind contemporary ones

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Tailored de-escalation strategy in PCI and ACS: platelet function test and genetic test guidance

At TCTAP 2022, Dominick J. Angiolillo, MD outlines de-escalation strategies with PFT, genetic tests for PCI-ACS

Can PCI save lives in severe LV dysfunction?

Divaka Perera, MD says REVIVED-BCIS2 to shed light on revascularization decisions for acute and chronic LV dysfunction

Real issue in CABG vs PCI for left main? 'Balancing 'hard' outcomes with patient preferences'

Brian Bergmark, MD addresses real-life implications of meta-analysis that showed no mortality difference between PCI-CABG at TCTAP 2022

PCAT attenuation study shows vascular inflammation higher in plaque rupture than plaque erosion

Ik-Kyung Jang, MD presents study findings on pan-coronary inflammation measured by PCAT attenuation at TCTAP 2022

From FFR to iFR, QFR to CT-FFR: Experts debate pros and cons of invasive and non-invasive imaging

Heart experts discuss strengths, drawbacks of four major imaging modalities at TCTAP 2022

'Understanding interracial disparity may optimize TAVR for AS patients'

Duk-Woo Park, MD examines racial disparities in TAVR procedures and future directions at TCTAP 2022

'ISCHEMIA findings bolster argument for invasive revascularization in stable CAD'

Gregg W. Stone, MD emphasizes revasc benefits with PCI, CABG for patients with stable ischemic heart disease at TCTAP 2022

Evolution of Asia-Pacific Interventional Cardiology

12th winner of TCTAP’s ‘Master of the Masters’ Award

3-tiered risk framework helps improve TAV-in-BAV outcomes, heart expert says

Hasan Jilaihawi, MD stresses systematic use of ‘low-intermediate-high’ TAVR-risk classification for bicuspid aortic valves at TCTAP 2022

Optimal balancing of ischemia-bleeding risk in ACS-PCI: 2 risk calculators and 4 score indexes

Sunil Rao, MD explains ischemic-bleeding risk calculators and tailored APT strategy for ACS patients undergoing PCI at TCTAP 2022

Hunt for vulnerable plaques continues with evolution of intravascular imaging

Yoshinobu Onuma, MD combs through vulnerable plaques for future of intravascular imaging at TCTAP 2022

'Intracoronary imaging helps predict stent expansion for calcified lesions'

Akiko Maehara, MD outlines imaging strategies to predict stent under-expansion in calcified lesions during PCI at TCTAP 2022

'DK crush not gold standard for complex left main bifurcation lesions'

David Hildick-Smith, MD presents debate on provisional- vs. dual-stenting at TCTAP 2022