International Travel Requirements


Entry to Korea

For Non-Koreans to attend the meeting in Incheon, South Korea, valid passports and entry visas depending on ones visa requirement should be acquired before entry to the country. Some countries may be on visa-free/waiver programs, but due to the pandemic, all international attendees are advised to contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate in their country to learn updated visa requirements before booking a flight or a room for the conference.

Search for Korean Embassy/Consulate in your country here.


K-ETA eligible nationals, who wish to enter visa-free the Republic of Korea, must obtain K-ETA approval before boarding the flight or ship. The assessment could take more than 72 hours depending on the situation. Please refer to the details and application of K-ETA here.

COVID-19 Policy

As there are possibilities of changes in COVID-19 protocols and quarantine measures, we advise you to check the latest conditions from the Korean Embassy or Consulate before your departure. The following information is only for reference and may not contain the current requirements.

  • QUARANTINE: From June 8, 2022, onwards, all overseas entrants will be exempt from isolation regardless of vaccination status and nationality.
  • COVID-19 PCR TEST: PCR test obligations have been suspended.
  • Q-CODE: Q-code is a system established by the KDCA for the convenience of overseas entrants to the Republic of Korea. Entrants into the Republic of Korea must submit quarantine information via Q-CODE and present the issued QR code to a quarantine officer when arrival. You can find out about Q-CODE here.

Symptomatic Entrants

Classification PCR Test Test Result Action
Symptomatic Entrants Visit Quarantine Facility for Test Positive Recommend to quarantine at one's residence, hospital, or home isolation facility
Negative The procedure for the asymptomatic entrants shall be followed.

Asymptomatic Entrants

Classification PCR Test (Optional) Test Result Action
Koreans / Foreigners PCR test is not mandatory. If you want to take PCR test, visit the closest medical institution and the cost is borne by yourself. Positive Recommend to quarantine at one's residence, hospital, or home isolation facility
Negative -

For more information, please refer to related websites below;

Overseas Diplomatic Missions

Invitation Letter / Letter Addressed to Korean Embassy for Visa Application

1) Attendee

If you need an invitation letter or letter addressed to the Korean Embassy to apply for a visa, please check either of the two buttons in the red box when you register online.


Once you complete the registration, the secretariat will send you the requested documents by e-mail. Please note that your full name, passport no., and address will be included in both documents along with the purpose and duration of the visit. The visa application process may vary depending on location, so contact or visit a local Korean Embassy or Consulate when applying.

2) Faculty / Presenter

To download the documents, you can visit the faculty/presenter website and go to [Travel Arrangement].