When and where will TCTAP 2023 be held?
TCTAP 2023 will be held on April 22(Sat)-24(Mon), 2023, at COEX, Seoul, South Korea. Click here to learn more about transportation and location, and program details will be updated on our website soon.
How can I attend TCTAP 2023?
Register online or on-site during the conference. Once you complete the registration, you will get a confirmation email shortly and details of our conference and check-in process will be delivered to your inbox before the conference.
How can I access TCTAP slides?
The slides will be updated on our website in about 24 hours after the event.
Where is the closest airport to the venue?
What is the dress code for the event?
Business casual is fine. Refer to the weather in Seoul.


How do I register for TCTAP 2023?
Please fill out your information to register from September 2023, once online registration opens.
What is the registration fee to attend TCTAP 2023?
Please see the registration page.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.