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About Seoul

Korea’s most representative city, Seoul

Seoul is the cultural center of Korea with five ancient palaces and five World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO; over 700 museums, including the National Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum; and hundreds of performance centers and galleries.

With five ancient palaces and five World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO, Seoul is the living history of the Joseon Dynasty. Experience life in the past at the Bukchon Hanok (traditional Korean houses) Village, traditional arts performances or with traditional Korean food.

History and tradition is not the only thing that Seoul has to offer. Seoul also embraces modern era with a strong foundation of high-tech technology and infastructure and a number of world class performances like "NANTA", "JUMP", and B-boy performances.

Seoul is now one of the largest economies in the world and has become a center of economics and culture in Asia.
The city is now pursues various policies to help preserve the environment such as using green vehicles and developing and preserving natural parks and trails within the city.

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