When and where will TCTAP 2025 be held?
TCTAP 2025 will be held on April 23 to 26, 2025, at COEX, Seoul, Korea. Click here to learn more about transportation and location, and program details will be updated on our website soon.
How can I attend TCTAP 2025?
Once you complete the registration on our website, you will get a confirmation email shortly. Details of the conference and check-in process will be delivered to your inbox 2 days before the conference. The early-bird registration period will commence on September 23, 2024.
How can I access TCTAP 2025 slides?
The slides will be updated on our website in about 24 hours after the event.
Where is the closest airport to the venue?
The closest airports to COEX are Incheon & Gimpo International Airport. Please see the venue information page to find out more.
What is the dress code for the event?
Business casual is fine. Refer to the weather in Seoul.


How do I register for TCTAP 2025?
Registration for 30th TCTAP 2025 will be offered via the official website. Please wait for the early-bird period, starting on September 23, 2024!
* Faculty and Presenters will be automatically registered by the secretariat.
I'm a faculty member/presenter of TCTAP 2025. Do I need to register?
If you are the faculty member or presenter of TCTAP 2025, you do not need to register as you will be automatically registered by the secretariat.
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Accommodation & Visa

Do I need to book a room individually?
As the registration does not come with accommodation, all individuals are required to book a room by themselves at the hotel of their choice. However, to provide convenience to attendees, we are offering a discounted price for a few hotels nearby. It will be updated when the price range is confirmed.
Should I apply for a visa to attend TCTAP 2025?
For non-Koreans who wish to attend the conference, please visit or contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate in their countries for the most current and accurate information regarding the visa/waiver program.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.