[TCTAP Workshop] Ⅲ. Imaging & Physiology

April 27, 2022 / 12:35 PM ~ 2:21 PM 📌 Channel 1

Moderator(s): Ik-Kyung Jang, Allen Jeremias
Panelist(s): Jung-Min Ahn, Akiko Maehara, Hitoshi Matsuo, Frederik Zimmermann

Imaging 2022
- Vulnerable Plaque Imaging: Old and New in 2022 [Yoshinobu Onuma]
- Vulnerable Plaque Research [Ik-Kyung Jang]
- Practical Interpretation of Intracoronary Imaging for PCI [Ziad A. Ali]
- When and How to Use Intracoronary Imaging in My Cath Lab [Do-Yoon Kang]
- Interactive Discussion With Audience Q&A

Physiology 2022
- The Basics of Coronary Physiology Measurement: FFR, iFR and other NHPRs [Jung-Min Ahn]
- Imaging Based Coronary Physiology in the Clinical Practice: CT FFR and Angio FFR [Bon-Kwon Koo]
- Update on Clinical Conundrum of Coronary Physiology [Morton J. Kern]
- Interactive Discussion With Audience Q&A
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