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Tuesday, April 25

11th CTO Live 2017
Opening Remark
Live Case Session I
I. Featured Lectures
Live Case Session II
II. Featured Lectures
Live Case Session III
III. Featured Lectures
Live Case Session IV
Endovascular Symposium
Opening Remark
Live Case Session I
Endovascular Session I. Changing Paradigm and Future Concepts in Peripheral Intervention: Iliac to SFA
Live Case Session II
Endovascular Session II. Solutions for Risky Aorta
Live Case Session III. BTK Intervention
Endovascular Session III. Changing Paradigm and Future Concepts in Peripheral Intervention: BTK Intervention
Live Case Session IV. SFA Intervention
Endovascular Session IV. Carotid Intervention
TCTAP Workshops
Left Main, Bifurcation, and Multi-Vessel PCI: Technical Forum
Imaging & Physiology
ACS & Pharmacotherapy: Dissecting the Issues, Exploring Solutions
Partnership Sessions with International Societies and Meetings
BIT @ TCTAP 2017: Interesting PCI Cases from Bangla Interventional Therapeutics
HKSTENT @ TCTAP 2017: Deep Dive Session on Left Main Intervention 2017
TTT @ TCTAP 2017
3 Countries' Joint Session- ISICAM (Indonesia) & Malaysia LIVE & CIAT (Thailand) @ TCTAP 2017
India Live @ TCTAP 2017
Chien Foundation Award for Outstanding Lectureship & Lifetime Achievement in PCI
Lunchtime Activities
Make Complex Easier - Latest Devices and Techniques from Japan
State-of-the-art Technologies for SFA Treatment: DES and Atherectomy
Treating Complex SFA Lesions and Patients with Directional Atherectomy and IN.PACT DCB: Evidence and Real-World Experience
Ultimaster : What We Expect from the Latest Generation Stent?
Complex PCI - Imaging and Physiology
Real World Evidence of LUTONIX
Moderated E-Poster Competition
P-1. DES & BVS
P-2. AMI & ACS
P-3. AMI & ACS
P-4. Miscellaneous
P-5. Structural Heart Disease
Moderated Abstract Competition I
1-1. DES & BVS
1-2. DES & BVS
1-3. Complex PCI
Moderated Abstract Competition II
2-1. Complex PCI
2-2. Complex PCI
2-3. Imaging & Physiology
Moderated Complex Case Competition I
1-1. Complex PCI
1-2. AMI & ACS
1-3. Structural Heart Disease
1-4. Complex PCI
1-5. Complex PCI
1-6. Complex PCI
Moderated Complex Case Competition II
2-1. Imaging & Physiology
2-2. Structural Heart Disease
2-3. AMI & ACS
2-4. Complex PCI
2-5. Complex PCI
2-6. DES & BVS
Moderated Complex Case Competition III
3-1. Structural Heart Disease
3-2. Complex PCI
3-3. AMI & ACS
3-4. Complex PCI
3-5. Complex PCI
3-6. Complex PCI