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Main Arena

Wednesday | April 27
Main Arena
Vista Hall, Level B2
8:25 AM-6:10 PM
8:25 AM Opening Remark Seung-Jung Park
8:30 AM Congratulatory Remark Namsik Chung (Chairman, The Korean Society of Cardiology)
8:35 AM Welcome Address Martin B. Leon
TCTAP Session
Live Case Session 1
Moderators: William F. Fearon, Martin B. Leon, Patrick W. Serruys, Gregg W. Stone
Discussants: Juan Granada, Eberhard Grube, David Richard Holmes, Akiko Maehara, Roxana Mehran, Gary S. Mintz, Seung-Jung Park, Ki Bae Seung
8:40 AM Columbia University Medical Center, USA  
I. The TAVI Revolution
Moderators: Eberhard Grube, Martin B. Leon
9:40 AM Life after PARTNER (Inoperable and “High Risk” Cohorts): Will TAVI Therapy Change Guidelines for AS Patients? Martin B. Leon
9:55 AM TAVI Perspectives from the European Theatre: New Indications and Multiple Devices Eberhard Grube
10:07 AM Complications after TAVI: VARC Definitions, Frequency, and Management Considerations Patrick W. Serruys
10:19 AM Discussion  
II. DES Dilemmas
Moderators: Seung-Jung Park, Gregg W. Stone
10:30 AM SES Revisited: The “Unexpected” Results and Clinical Implications from BASKET-PROVE, SORT-OUT IV, and ISAR-TEST 4 David E. Kandzari
10:42 AM The NEW Anti-platelet Agents and Platelet Reactivity Testing: Recommendations for Prasugrel and Ticagrelor and Lessons from GRAVATAS Roxana Mehran
10:54 AM DES in Left Main Disease: New Guidelines and Updates from EXCEL Gregg W. Stone
11:06 AM Discussion  
III. Imaging and FFR Controversies
Moderators: Gary S. Mintz, William F. Fearon
11:15 AM Appropriate Use of IVUS during PCI in 2010 Akiko Maehara
11:27 AM Beyond FAME: The Integration of Invasive Ischemia Assessment(FFR) into Clinical Practice William F. Fearon
11:39 AM Is OCT Ready for “Prime Time”: What’s Known and What We Need to Know for Clinical Applications Gary S. Mintz
11:51 AM Discussion  
IV. "Hot" New Therapies
Moderators: Juan Granada, Patrick W. Serruys
12:00 PM Percutaneous LAA Closure: A Future Management Alternative for Stroke Prevention in AF Patients Horst Sievert
12:10 PM Transcatheter Renal Denervation Therapy(TREND): A Breakthrough for Refractory Hypertension? Andrej Schmidt
12:20 PM Will Bioabsorbable Stents Transform PCI in the Future? Patrick W. Serruys
12:30 PM Drug-eluting Balloons will Have an Important Role in Coronary and Peripheral Interventional Therapy Juan Granada
12:40 PM Discussion  
12:45 PM Adjourn  
TCTAP Award 2011
"Master of the Masters"
12:50 PM Lunchtime Activities  
Live Case Session 2
Moderators: Angela Hoye, James R. Margolis
Discussants: Francisco J. Ayala, Wacin Buddhari, Michael Kang-Yin Lee, M Pauliina Margolis, Motomaru Masutani, Muhammad Munawar, Hun Sik Park, Wasan Udayachalerm, Joo-Young Yang
2:00 PM Asan Medical Center, Korea
Case #1, #2, #3
3:00 PM Toyohashi Heart Center, Japan  
Main Session 1.
"Functional Angioplasty"
Moderator: Seung-Jung Park
3:30 PM Stenosis, Physiology and Medications Are Not Enough: Vulnerable Plaque Must Be Identified Ik-Kyung Jang
3:45 PM [Web-based Lecture] Minimalist Approach: Physiologic Lesion Assessment Should Guide Routine PCI Therapy ! Nico H.J. Pijls
Live Case Session 3
Moderators: Eberhard Grube, Jacques J. Koolen
Discussants: Howard A. Cohen, John McB. Hodgson, June Hong Kim, Philip Siam Soon Koh, Michael S. Lee, Do-Sun Lim, Ichiro Michishita, Kui-Hian Sim, Yasunori Ueda, Yujie Zhou
4:00 PM SoonChunHyang University Hospital Bucheon, GyeoungGi Province
4:30 PM Asan Medical Center, Korea
Cases #4, #5, #6
Main Session 2.
"Unsolved Issues: Evidence-based Approach"
Moderator: Dong Joo Oh
5:30 PM Left Main PCI: Where We Are? Where We Are Going? Seung-Jung Park
5:45 PM PFO Closure: Where We Are Going to after CLOSURE Study? Issam D. Moussa
6:10 PM Adjourn  

Thursday | April 28
Main Arena
Vista Hall, Level B2
8:30 AM-6:00 PM
Live Case Session 4
Moderators: Pawel E. Buszman, Ted Feldman, Martin B. Leon
Discussants: Jilin Chen, Keiichi Igarashi, Yangsoo Jang, Kee-Sik Kim, Ajit Mullasari, Anil Potdar, Matthew Price, Chris Kwok Yiu Wong
8:30 AM Asan Medical Center, Korea
Cases #7, #8, #9
Main Session 3.
"Late Breaking Clinical Trials"
Moderators: Stephen G. Ellis, Spencer B. King III
9:30 AM Zilver PTX Randomized Trial of Paclitaxel-Eluting Stents for Femoropopliteal Artery Disease: 24-Month Update Mark W. Burket
9:42 AM Evaluation of Left Main Revascularization by CT Angiography from PRECOMBAT Trial Joon Won Kang
9:54 AM Dynamic Change of Wall Shear Stress after Stenting Bifurcation Lesions: Subgroup Analysis from DKCRUSH-II Trial Shaoliang Chen
10:06 AM Impact of Angiographic Complete Revascularization after Drug-Eluting Stent Implantation or Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery for Multivessel Coronary Disease Young-Hak Kim
10:18 PM Moving Towards Biomimicry-Development of Novel BioMimeTM Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System Upendra Kaul
10:30 AM Award Presentation Seung-Jung Park
Live Case Session 5
Moderators: Spencer B. King III, Ron Waksman
Discussants: David G. Iosseliani, Mun Kyung Hong, Moo Hyun Kim, Mitchell W. Krucoff, Soo-Teik Lim, Mohamed Sobhy, Hongbing Yan
10:30 AM Wonju Christian Hospital, Gangwon Province  
11:05 AM Asan Medical Center, Korea
Cases #10, #11, #12
Main Session 4.
"Antiplatelet Controversy"
Moderators: Jae-Ki Ko, Ron Waksman
Panelists: Guillaume Pare, Matthew Price, Ki Bae Seung
  Evolving Genotyping and Platelet Function Test: Personalized Antiplatelet Therapy Possible in Real Practice?  
12:00 PM [Web-based Lecture] Pros Marc Sabatine
12:12 AM Cons Guillaume Pare
12:24 AM Panel Discussion  
12:30 AM Adjourn  
12:30 PM Lunchtime Activities  
Live Case Session 6
Moderators: Richard R. Heuser, Seong-Wook Park
Discussants: Charles Chan, Gian Battista Danzi, Guo Sheng Fu, Kazuki Fukui, Saurab Goel, Myung-Ho Jeong, Ping-Han Lo, Raj Makkar, Yoichi Nozaki, Ju-Pin Pan
2:00 PM Asan Medical Center, Korea
Cases #13, #14, #15
Main Session 5.
"Now and the Future - 1"
Interventional Pharmacology
Moderators: Stephen G. Ellis, Gregg W. Stone
Panelists: David J. Cohen, Guillaume Pare, Matthew Price
3:00 PM Interventional Pharmacology Matthew Price
3:10 PM Panel Discussion  
Coronary Intervention
Moderators: Barry D. Rutheford, Patrick W. Serruys
Panelists: Alaide Chieffo, David Richard Holmes, Seung-Jung Park
3:20 PM Coronary Intervention David Richard Holmes
3:30 PM Panel Discussion  
Valvular Heart Disease & Adult Congenital Intervention
Moderators: Ted Feldman, Martin B. Leon
Panelists: Howard A. Cohen, Maurice Buchbinder, Eberhard Grube, Augusto D. Pichard
3:40 PM Valvular Heart Disease & Adult Congenital Intervention Augusto D. Pichard
3:50 PM Panel Discussion  
Live Case Session 7
Moderator: Barry D. Rutherford
Discussants: Juan Granada, Kyoo-Rok Han, Seung-Hwan Lee, Simon Lo, Yves R. Louvard, Toshiya Muramatsu, Teguh Santoso, Harry Suryapranata, Kin Ming Tam, Takafumi Ueno
4:00 PM Institut Hospitalier Jacques Cartier, Massy, France  
4:30 PM Asan Medical Center, Korea
Cases #16, #17, #18
Main Session 6.
"Now and the Future - 2"
Cardiovascular Imaging
Moderators: Takashi Akasaka, John McB. Hodgson
Panelists: Junko Honye, Ik-Kyung Jang, Akiko Maehara
5:30 PM Cardiovascular Imaging Akiko Maehara
5:40 PM Panel Discussion  
Endovascular Intervention
Moderators: John R. Laird, Jr, Andrej Schmidt
Panelists: Mark W. Burket, Gian Battista Danzi, Richard R. Heuser, Paul Hsien-Li Kao, Seong-Wook Park, Kishore Sieunarine
5:50 PM Endovascular Intervention John R. Laird, Jr
6:00 PM Panel Discussion  
6:10 PM Adjourn