Satellite Symposium

Early & Lower for Longer Through Intensity Statin and Ezetimibe for 2nd Prevention

Organized by CVRF and Supported by Educational Grant from Organon Korea

Wednesday, April 27
11:05 AM ~ 11:59 AM * Korea Standard Time (UTC/GMT +9:00)
Channel 3
Moderator(s): Myeong-Ki Hong, Hun Sik Park
Panelist(s): Hiroki Shiomi
11:05 AM Opening Remark
11:10 AM Early for Longer: Intensive Lipid Lowering - Moving Beyond Statins Alone
Lecturer: Dong-Bin Kim
11:25 AM Lower for Longer: Effective Lipid Lowering – Rising on Ezetimibe Therapy
Lecturer: Gyu-Chul Oh
11:40 AM Discussion
11:55 AM Closing Remark
Speaker: Hun Sik Park