Special Keynote Lecture 2022

Part-II: Transcatheter Heart Valve Intervention

Thursday, April 28
10:40 AM ~ 11:48 AM * Korea Standard Time (UTC/GMT +9:00)
Channel 1
Moderator(s): Eberhard Grube, Seung-Jung Park
Panelist(s): Jung-Min Ahn, Ariel Finkelstein, Tullio Palmerini, Lars Sondergaard, Saibal kar
10:40 AM The UPSTREAM Management of Aortic Stenosis
10:55 AM Racial Disparities in TAVR: Similarities and Differences
Lecturer: Duk-Woo Park
11:10 AM Trans-Catheter Valve Interventions Beyond TAVR- Next Innovation
Lecturer: Vinayak Bapat
11:25 AM Interactive Discussion With Audience Q&A
Live Chat Discussant(s): Deepak Ameta, In Sook Kang, Cheung Chi Simon Lam, Kwan Yong Lee, Se-Whan Lee, Jun-Hyok Oh