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Advance registration closed on and after April 13, 2018.
If you would like to register for TCTAP 2018, please register on arrival at conference.

Registration Badge Pick-up

Date Opening Hours Place
April 28 (Sat) 10:00 AM - 5:20 PM Level 1
Registration Booth,
Exhibition Hall (B2) Lobby
April 29 (Sun) ~ May 1 (Tue) 6:00 AM - 6:10 PM
  • Please make sure that you have to wear your badge at all times during all conference activities and events.
  • In case of lost your name badge, 50% of the registration fee will be applied to issue a new name badge.

Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance for TCTAP2018 will be distributed along with the badge.

Date Place
April 28 (Sat) ~ May 1 (Tue) Level 1
Registration Booth,
Exhibition Hall (B2) Lobby

On-site Registration Fee

The full registration fee includes:

  • Admission to the Scientific Sessions
  • Entrance to the Exhibition
  • All Symposia (including meals)
  • Coffee and refreshment

* 2% of your registration fee will be used for the CVRF's fundraising.

Cancellation Policy

Registration cancellations received prior to April 13, 2018 may be eligible to receive a refund with 15% deduction of administration fee. No refunds will be given on and after April 13, 2018.

Accreditation for Medical Education * Korean Only


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at